Blood on the River: James Town, 1607

Puffin Books - Puffin. Twelve-year-old samuel Collier is a lowly commoner on the streets of London. The lush virginia shore where they establish the colony of James Town is both beautiful and forbidding, and it’s hard to know who’s a friend or foe. He’s heard that gold washes ashore with every tide. As he learns the language of the algonquian Indians and observes Captain Smith’s wise diplomacy, Samuel begins to see that he can be whomever he wants to be in this new land.

But beginning with the stormy journey and his first contact with the native people, he realizes that the New World is nothing like he imagined. So when he becomes the page of captain John Smith and boards the Susan Constant, bound for the New World, he can’t believe his good fortune.

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Blue Birds

Puffin Books - Author of the critically acclaimed May B. Returns with a stirring novel in verse. Despite language barriers, the two become as close as sisters, risking their lives for one another until Alis makes a decision that will change her life forever. An excellent historical offering and belongs on public and school library shelves.

Voya“with two compelling main characters and an abundance of rich historical detail, Rose’s latest novel offers much to discuss and much to appreciate. School Library Journal. Alis and her parents make the long journey from England to settle the New World. But it doesn't go as planned and Alis, her parents, and the others of their small community soon find themselves at odds with the Roanoke tribe.

Blue Birds - As tensions rise between the settlers and the Native peoples, twelve-year-old Alis forms an impossible friendship with a Roanoke named Kimi.

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The Talking Earth

HarperCollins - Billie wind lives with her Seminole tribe. In the wilderness, she discovers that she must listen to the land and animals in order to survive. She follows their customs, but the dangers of pollution and nuclear war she's learned about in school seem much more real to her. With an otter, a panther cub, and a turtle as companions and guides, she begins to understand that the world of her people can give her the answers she seeks.

HarperTrophy. How can she believe the Seminole legends about talking animals and earth spirits? She wants answers, not legends. You are a doubter, "say the men of the Seminole Council and so Billie goes out into the Everglades alone, to stay until she can believe.

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Walker of Time

Roberts Rinehart - A compelling story of a 15-year-old hopi Indian boy, Tag, and his companion, Walker Talayesva, who stumble into the midst of Walker's ancestral home. Second book in the series: Walker's Journey HomeThird book: Tag Against Time HarperTrophy.

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Wordly Wise, Grade 5

Educators Pub Svc Inc - Wordly wise, Grade 5 Student Edition. Product details paperback Publisher: Educator Publishing Service 2017 Package Dimensions: 108 x 8. 3 x 06 inches shipping Weight: 1 pounds HarperTrophy.

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The Sign of the Beaver

HMH Books for Young Readers - When matt meets attean, a boy in the beaver clan, he begins to better understand their way of life and their growing problem in adapting to the white man and the changing frontier. Elizabeth george speare’s newbery honor-winning survival story is filled with wonderful detail about living in the wilderness and the relationships that formed between settlers and natives in the 1700s.

Now with an introduction by Joseph Bruchac. Although he faces responsibility bravely, thirteen-year-old Matt is more than a little apprehensive when his father leaves him alone to guard their new cabin in the wilderness. HarperTrophy. 9780547577111. When a renegade white stranger steals his gun, Matt realizes he has no way to shoot game or to protect himself.

The Sign of the Beaver - Wordly wise, Grade 5 Student Edition.

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Trouble Don't Last

Yearling - And old harrison begins to see past a whole lifetime of hurt to the promise of a new life—and a poignant reunion—in Canada. In a heartbreaking and hopeful first novel, Shelley Pearsall tells a suspenseful, emotionally charged story of freedom and family. Dell Yearling. 9780547577111. The journey north seems much more frightening than Master Hackler ever was, hiding, and Samuel’s not sure what freedom means aside from running, and starving.

Eleven-year-old samuel was born as master hackler’s slave, and working the Kentucky farm is the only life he’s ever known—until one dark night in 1859, that is. With no warning, a fellow slave, cranky old Harrison, pulls Samuel from his bed and, together, they run. Wordly wise, Grade 5 Student Edition.

Trouble Don't Last - HarperTrophy. Trouble don't Last includes a historical note and map. But as they move from one refuge to the next on the Underground Railroad, Samuel uncovers the secret of his own past—and future.

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Written in Bone: Buried Lives of Jamestown and Colonial Maryland Exceptional Social Studies Titles for Intermediate Grades

Carolrhoda Books ® - On a hot summer day in 2005, Dr. Used book in Good Condition. Douglas owsley of the smithsonian Institution peered into an excavated grave, carefully examining the fragile skeleton that had been buried there for four hundred years. And he was European, " Owsley concluded. Walker as she works alongside the scientists investigating colonial-era graves near Jamestown, Virginia, as well as other sites in Maryland.

. Bright white teeth. As you follow their investigations, a colonial official and his family, a ship's captain, an indentured servant, she'll introduce you to what scientists believe are the lives of a teenage boy, and an enslaved African girl. Straight leg bones. Wordly wise, Grade 5 Student Edition. He was about fifteen years old when he died.

Written in Bone: Buried Lives of Jamestown and Colonial Maryland Exceptional Social Studies Titles for Intermediate Grades - Dell Yearling. HarperTrophy. But how did he know? just as forensic scientists use their knowledge of human remains to help solve crimes, they use similar skills to solve the mysteries of the long-ago past. All are reaching beyond the grave to tell us their stories, which are written in bone. 9780547577111. Awkwardly contorted arm bones.

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George Washington's Socks Time Travel Adventure

Scholastic Paperbacks - Used book in Good Condition. HarperTrophy. Dell Yearling. Wordly wise, Grade 5 Student Edition. Elvira woodruff's million-copy seller, george washington's socks, returns in time for the book's anticipated HC sequel -- Ben Franklin's Boots!A mysterious rowboat transports five adventurous kids back in time to the eve of the Battle at Trenton where they experience the American Revolution.

Great product!9780547577111. Through encounters with hessian soldiers, and even george Washington himself, and Katie watch history unfold before their eyes as they see first-hand, Tony, Quentin, revolutionaries, Hooter, Matthew, the grim realities of war and the cost of freedom.

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Poison in the Colony: James Town 1622

Viking Books for Young Readers - Virginia. Virginia laydon, an infant at the end of Blood on the River, has now grown up in a colony that is teetering dangerously on the precipice of conflict with the native Algonquins. After early settlers both thrive and die in this new world. Great product! Dell Yearling. The first representative government is established, the first enslaved Africans arrive, and the self-righteousness of the colony's leaders angers the Algonquin.

Kill it, her mother says, or they will kill you. A girl is born. Virginia struggles to make sense of her own inner world against the backdrop of pivotal years in the Jamestown colony. After Pocahontas befriends the colonists. 9780547577111. So begins a journey of self-realization and increasing strength, as Virginia goes from being a self-protective young girl to someone who knows she must live her own truth even if it will be the end of her.

Poison in the Colony: James Town 1622 - Virginia has the gift, or the curse, of the knowing-an ability that could help save the colony, and is equally likely to land her at the burning stake as an accused witch. When accusations and danger threaten, Virginia learns that she is on her own; her mother must protect her young sisters rather than stand up for her.

. Wordly wise, Grade 5 Student Edition.

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Earth & Space iScience, Student Edition INTEGRATED SCIENCE

McGraw-Hill Education - Dell Yearling. Used book in Good Condition. HarperTrophy. Wordly wise, Grade 5 Student Edition. 9780547577111. Great product! .

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